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    Inspired by the cult-favorite Paper, this woody Iso E Super blend combines with touches of sweet Amber for a scent that comes alive on skin. The molecular wood transcends skin with a lightweight and effortless glow.

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    First: Iso E Super
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    Fragrance Notes

    Lightweight and effortless, this skin scent opens with molecular Iso E Super. Then, as the minutes pass and the scent comes to life, you'll begin to notice Skin Musk. After that comes the softly sweet Amber trail.

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    The Maker

    Jerome Epinette

    “Paper Minus is also an ode to writing a letter to a loved one. I wanted to make this fragrance feel personal and very intimate. I created the scent around Iso E Super, a beautiful note that delivers a gorgeous warm skin feel throughout the composition. To deepen this feeling, I layered musk with fresh jasmine petals and the warmth of crisp amber for texture and depth.” -

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