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    Milk's warm notes of Skin Musk, Tonka Bean and Mahogany Wood are made lustrous with Skin Musk and White Cedar. Light as a feather, this sweet and caressing scent lays close like a second skin.


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      First: Skin Musk
      Cashmere Woods
      Then: Amber
      Finally: Mahogany Wood
      White Cedar

      Fragrance Notes

      Light and sweet, this scent opens with soft notes of Skin Musk and Cashmere Woods. Then, as the minutes pass and the scent comes to life, you'll begin to notice the sweet glow of Amber. Finally comes the smooth Mahogany Wood and White Cedar.

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      The Maker

      Christelle Laprade

      “In creating Milk Personal, I wanted to capture the intimate nostalgia of a Fall family vacation spent making delicious s’mores around hot wood-fires.

      This fragrance is a creamy, sheer interpretation of an ambery composition that is soft and rather innocent. To accentuate this tenderness, I used my cold milk accord and soft amber, paired with a heavier base of woods , gourmands and resins.”

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