From Sandalwood to Bergamot: Understanding the Popular Fragrance Notes

From Sandalwood to Bergamot: Understanding the Popular Fragrance Notes

When you think about your favourite fragrance, you're most likely captivated by its notes. But what exactly are fragrance notes and what are the most popular ones?

In the world of perfumery, notes are the distinct individual components that can be recognized when smelling a fragrance. Typically, these notes are categorized into 3 types: Top, Heart and Base notes, each unfolding over time to create a complex scent.

At Commodity, we’ve replaced “Top, “Heart” and “Base” with “First,” “Then” and “Finally to more intuitively describe the progression of a fragrance on the skin.

Ahead, explore some of the most popular perfume notes that people frequently search for and love in perfumes: 

Perfumes with Sandalwood

Sandalwood has a rich, creamy, and woody scent that adds a touch of warmth and sophistication.

Popularity & Use: This note is popular for its calming and grounding properties, making it a classic staple in both men’s and women’s fragrances. Sandalwood is commonly used as a “Finally” note due to its longevity and depth. 

Find it in: Book Expressive and Paper Expressive

 Perfumes with Patchouli

Patchouli has a deep, slightly sweet and smoky aroma that is reminiscent of an earthy incense shop.

Popularity & Use: Patchouli is frequently used in both perfumes and aromatherapy due to its strong and persistent fragrance. It gained a reputation during the ’70s for being a “dirty” scent, however, it’s now commonly used in many fragrances due to its ability to blend well with other notes, enhancing their richness.

Find it in: Velvet+ Bold and Gold+ Bold

 Perfumes with Vanilla notes

Vanilla is universally loved for its warm, sweet, and versatile scent. It exudes nostalgia, comfort, and coziness, often reminiscent of baked goods and desserts.

Popularity & Use: Vanilla’s sweet and evocative nature makes it a popular choice in gourmand fragrances. It’s often used as a “Finally” note due to its ability to enhance other notes with its smooth and rich aroma.

Find it in: Gold Expressive and Gold Scent Space Kit

 Perfumes with Bergamot

Bergamot is a fresh, citrusy scent with a mild spice and floral undertone. It's both bright and complex, providing a refreshing burst of fragrance.

Popularity & Use: Often used as a “First” note, Bergamot is highly favored in both men’s and women’s fragrances for its crisp, bright, and invigorating aroma.

Find it in: Moss Expressive and Moss Scent Space Kit

 Perfumes with Milk notes

A lot like Vanilla, the scent of Milk evokes a sense of comfort and warmth, adding a soothing and creamy quality to fragrances. It can also be made with a cool, metallic facet for a “cold milk” variety.

Popularity & Use: Milk notes have become increasingly popular in perfumery for their ability to create a cozy and unique scent profile. Often used in gourmand fragrances, Milk adds a rich and creamy layer.

Find it in: Milk Expressive and Milk Scent Space Kit

 Discover More in Our "NoteBook"

At Commodity, we understand the importance of finding the perfect scent. That’s why we've created our “NoteBook,” a comprehensive glossary of all the fragrance notes found in our perfumes.

The NoteBook provides quick descriptions of each note’s scent, along with a list of which fragrances feature them, making it easier for you to discover and fall in love with new scents.

Explore our NoteBook here.

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