Our New ‘Dear Dolly’ Collaboration Was Made For Fragrance Exploration

Our New ‘Dear Dolly’ Collaboration Was Made For Fragrance Exploration
Every family has the “cool aunt.” She’s outgoing, fun, and other family members go to her for advice.

That’s Dolly Alderton for the entire UK.

She’s the agony aunt for the Sunday Times Style, a role where she gives advice to readers about love, friendship and life. She’s also the partner on our new limited-edition Dear Dolly x Paper Travel Trio, which features her newest book.

Dear Dolly: on Love, Life and Friendship is a collection of wisdom from Alderton’s agony aunt column. It’s bundled with the Paper Travel Trio, travel sizes of our 3 Paper Scent Space fragrances.

The collaboration is meant to bring Alderton’s story to life, letting customers bring the experience beyond the paperback into the Paper Scent Space.

Here’s how we recommend exploring:

It’s Love.
How can I put the spark back into my relationship in my 60s?
My boyfriend’s lovely but I’m not happy. How do I end things?

For Dear Dolly’s advice on love, where she answers intimate questions like the above, we chose Paper- Personal. As a skin scent, it has an intimate, alluring nature that’s designed to draw the ones you allow close in for moremaking it perfect for exploring love.

The bestseller is a subtle blend of Amber, Sandalwood and Iso E Super. A warm, woody scent that glows on skin.

It’s Friendship.
My friends all earn more than me and I can’t keep up.
I’m 32 and single, and now my friends are having babies.

To pair with Alderton’s stories on the ups and downs of friendship, we recommend Paper Expressive. A part of the Expressive Scent Space, it’s a step-up in projection from Paper-. The crisp, woody scent of Cedarwood, Sandalwood and Iso E Super is meant to be shared with those around youmaking it perfect for friendship.

It’s Life.
I’m 19 years old and have no confidence in my appearance.
I love my older sister, but we have opposing views on politics.

We chose Paper+ Bold to celebrate life. It’s the most audacious and overstated of the Trio, as the Bold Scent Space is meant to share with everyone in the roomperfect for grabbing life by the horns. Reminiscent of mossy woods after the rain, it’s a blend of Sandalwood, Iso E Super and Vetiver.

As of July 17, and for as long as stock remains available, you can shop the Dear Dolly x Paper Scent Space Trio here.

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