Celebrate Our 2-Year Anniversary With a Gift From Art of Sucre

Celebrate Our 2-Year Anniversary With a Gift From Art of Sucre
We’re celebrating our second anniversary on Oct. 1! To express our thanks for the past two years, we’ve collaborated with Art of Sucre on a special gift… 

Together, we’ve created a limited-edition marshmallow-flavoured cotton candy exclusively for you, our community, which will be available from Sept. 27 to Oct. 2, while stock lasts.

Why cotton candy?
Cotton is the traditional 2-year anniversary gift, but seeing as we aren’t traditional, we decided to put a unique, sweet spin on the tradition. So we reached out to Art of Sucre, the experts in all things cotton candy.

Art of Sucre started in 2016 when founder, Emily Harpel, wanted to give a chic upgrade to a nostalgic treat: cotton candy. The e-commerce brand offers 9 unique cotton candy flavors like Champagne with Popping Candy, Peach Bellini and Strawberry Bubble Gum.

Aside from their specially-flavoured convections, Art of Sucre is known for its TikTok-viral Cotton Candy Glitter Bombs, which are now offered in many different colors and flavors.

Our inspiration
Oct. 1 not only marks our anniversary, but also Milks. We simultaneously released the Milk Scent Space trilogy when we relaunched in 2021, and it quickly became a fan favourite.

Marshmallow was specifically chosen as the cotton candy flavour as an ode to Milk. Milk has a key marshmallow note, and the cotton candy reimagines the sweet, nostalgic vibe of our best seller.

Make it yours
Our Milk-inspired cotton candy will be available from Sept. 27 to Oct. 2 exclusively on our site. The gift will be free with all orders. All orders over 130£ will get the cotton candy, plus a free travel-size 10ml of Milk- Personal. 

No code required; the gift will automatically add to your cart.

Here’s to the next two years, and many more.

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