Ash's Travel Trio
Ash's Travel Trio
Ash's Travel Trio

Ash's Travel Trio


Discover Ash of @GentsScents Travel Trio.  The set features three 10ml scents handpicked by Ash and designed to be worn individually, and as a layered, fourth scent.

The set also comes with:
- Printed guides on how to fragrance wardrobe
- Blotter cards to test on paper first
- Access to Ash's set-exclusive master class
- A bonus, fourth fragrance cocktail recipe

    About Ash


    "I first got into fragrances when I was a kid (wearing Drakkar Noir during my elementary years) which eventually led to me collecting through my teens and starting my fragrance channel in late 2016.

    I love all sorts of fragrances ranging from classics from decades ago, discontinued fragrances, niche and indie fragrances that push boundaries, along with more easy-going and versatile designer scents."

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