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My happy place in spray form

I absolutely love this scent, it just makes everything better 😍

Exploration Kit
Rhi Peates

I’ve really enjoyed trying the exploration kit, although I’m sure my partner is sick of me saying “smell this!”. It’s been a really lovely way to try out which scents I enjoy and to what level of strength - in totally honesty trying them all out has left me with some surprise favourites! There are also clear evolutions of smells between the strengths, so do consider this. It’s nice to see how they play out purely as scents from the bottles onto the test strips, and then how they marry up with my skin throughout the day. Some smells I’ve adored just won’t sit on me for long enough, and others I didn’t like out of the bottle so much melted into my skin in a luscious way. Only small downside is some of the tester bottles are a little temperamental and don’t always want to spray!

Smells divine!

Amazing scents

Amazing array of beautiful scents that I just adore and will be wearing for my wedding thank you commodity

Exploration Kit
Jasmine Kawoya

Absolutely stunning scents was wonderful having the option of trying them all, my favourites being the paper, moss, milk and velvet trio’s I will definitely purchase the larger bottles of those. Starting with paper personal it’s simply stunning

Milk Scent Space Kit
Kayla Friend
The perfect trial

I loved all 3 scent space options if Milk and intend to buy the full version if at least one of them. The scent lasts all day and is so nice!

Expressive discovery kits.

So I loved it. Velvet,milk and paper are my die hard favourites I love them.
The only thing I’d say is for unisex perfumes most of them lean more towards a more masculine scent I think with milk it’s the tonka bean and skin musk that leans a little on the ‘masculine’ side. I’d love for you to bring out more that lean a little more floral/ light while still being unisex. They all have a very similar sandalwood-esque note to them Awell

Louise Barnes
Paper scent space personal

Absolutely love this fragrance and get compliments from people whenever I wear it. Light and fresh and makes me feel
good xx

Expressive Discovery Kit

Milk Scent Space Kit
Harley O’Connor
Not for me

I think I really had something else in mind given the notes and the name, it’s a little too ‘mainstream’ for my taste if that makes sense to anyone. Was expecting something a little more unusual, sweet but adult. Disappointed

Very helpful

I wish other companies did this type of sample kit, would be great if you could built your own too.
Was super helpful because I ended up preferring a different option than the one I initially wanted a sample of. Also, very lovely to get a discount code with the sample kit.
Very helpful it comes with papers to spray on as well and a guide on how to get the best out of the samples.
Really the only thing that would be better is a mixed sample kit so you can choose what intensity you'd like instead of getting both sample kits with scents you don't like.

Julie Donoghue

Got a sample of this perfume in my glossy box, as soon as I smelt it I had to have one, great perfume. Would love to for more of there perfumes in the future

Paper Scent Space Kit
Plamena Gencheva

The scent is out of this world and an absolute favourite of mine ❤

Best scent ever

Every time I wear Paper people always comment that I smell good - lovely - really nice - gorgeous - and then I feel even better cos iI do smell soooo good ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Paper Scent Space Kit
ELLIS, Christian
My favourite scents ever!!!

These little beauties are my ultimate favourite scents all combined I o e little package.

Wonderful scents

I purchased the expressive discovery kit as I was intrigued at the advertisement in social media and I am always on the look out for a different perfume which leaves an impression on those around you. The packaging is smart and sophisticated and the fragrances are interesting. Some of them have a similar scent to premium perfumes. Would highly recommend trying them.

Paper scent space kit

Great idea to be able to sample the scents before purchasing large bottle, only problem is, now I want all three 😁

Bold Discovery Kit
Michael Wanjohi
Amazing scents

Still trying to decide which one not to get because I love them all.

Charlotte Petty
Unique scent

Extremely fresh light smell that lasts throughout the day without being over baring.
Gorgeous and perfect for the summer months.

S Donn

Love it

Paper Scent Space Kit
Catherine Hewitt
Just lovely

Gorgeous scent, had some lovely comments. Haven't quite decided which scent space I love the most yet.

Book Scent Space Kit

Spot on!!!! How you made a perfume smell like a book is beyond me, you captured it’s essence and it’s so divine. I am a fan

Wendy Milburn
Gold Personal

Cannot recommend highly enough. Gorgeous fragrance. Adore the whole range.

Exploration Kit
Katie O'hagan
Obsessed with this perfume

I'm so glad I discovered Commodity as it's the best perfume I have ever found! I loved being able to try out all the scents, the hard part is finding your favourite because they all smell absolutely amazing! They are also a great size to throw in your bag. Can't recommend enough!

Helen Metcalfe
Fantastic fragrance house!

The fragrances at Commodity are simply wonderful. Having sampled all of the Expressive and Bold versions from the collection, I can honestly say I love the general dna of this house. They're all beautiful in their own way, but my standout favourite was Book from the start (closely followed by Velvet and Gold). I personally prefer the Bold range. I also love the ethos of the brand. Their website is a delight to use, their packaging is sublime, and delivery within the UK is super quick. I should really say more aboit why I love Book so much, but my best advice to anyone wondering about these stunning fragrances is to just explore the sample sets - even the attention to detail with the samples sets is superb.