These 4 Warm Fragrances Will Make You Forget It’s Winter

These 4 Warm Fragrances Will Make You Forget It’s Winter

With winter comes a drop in temperature, howling wind, and nervous anticipation of the next snowfall. Since these chillier aspects can’t be avoided, it’s the perfect time to envelop yourself in a warm, cozy fragrance.

Winter scents that embody your favorite knit blanket tend to be deep and opulent, with additional woody, spicy, smoky or ambery notes.

We’ve rounded up 4 fragrance picks for winter. The scents are all warm enough to carry you through the season, yet distinct enough that you can still find one that best suits your personality.


Warm Vanilla is wrapped in creamy Sandalwood and molten Amber. Yes, Vanilla is commonly  used in fragrance, but with a name like Gold, don’t expect anything basic. The luxe gourmand is the perfect fit for any New Year’s Eve party or a date night with your partner.


If you’re interested in warming up to a sweeter winter fragrance, look no further. A powdery, woody blend of Marshmallow, Mahogany Wood and Tonka Bean with a hint of roasted sweetness. This best-selling scent pairs its rich maturity with a touch of cozy nostalgia.


This Bold emblazoned version of Milk highlights notes of smoky Firewood and warm Amber. Evoke the feeling of roasted marshmallows over a crackling fire on even the coldest night out. Ideal for late-night drinks with friends.


Some people prefer a hint of mystery when it comes to their winter fragrance. A blend of Clove, Vanilla, Rose and Musk, this lighter take on Velvet preserves the scent’s dark elegance, but is suited for those who gravitate toward lighter skin scents year-round. Velvet- smells like luxury, even if it’s reserved just for you and the ones you draw in a little closer.


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