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Summer Escapes - Lisbon, Portugal

Summer Escapes - Lisbon, Portugal

Quem nunca viu Lisboa, não viu coisa boa.
(If you've never seen Lisbon, you haven't seen anything good.)

Famous for its sunny weather, great nightlife, colorful buildings, Fado music, and friendly locals. Be aware of wearing good shoes though, it is very hilly and exploring the city can be like a work-out. 

To See
(brave yourself for hills)
As a city known for its food, a culinary tour through the backstreets of Bairro Alto, Downtown Baixa, and Mouraria is one of the most fun things to do in Lisbon. And if you want to leave the crowded areas behind you we recommend visiting the long golden sandy beaches in the south of the city, where you walk endlessly in the beautiful portuguese wilderness. 

To Eat

(dining like the aristocats)
This is the story of an unexpected romance between gastronomy and art in an 18th century palace.  A unique restaurant, in a narrative lived throughout the rooms and halls of Palácio Chiado, which takes you into a true tribute to portuguese and international cuisine.

To Spray
(Wrap yourself in gold)
Lisbon is not called the "City of Light" without reason. With around 220 days of sunshine, the wide sky and the open brightness that illuminates the whole city, it is made for you to recharge your energies in the warm light and crown your feel-good moment with a touch of Gold.

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