New To Unisex Fragrance? Discover The Best Scents For Every Type of Guy

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Cologne, Eau de Cologne, Parfum, Eau de Parfum, Extrait, Pour Homme, Pour Femme, Fougere, Sillage... 

At Commodity, we’re doing away with all of this industry jargon. Our goal is to shift fragrance shopping from a complex, sometimes-overwhelming experience to a straightforward one.

Step One: Removing the Guesswork

We’re saying goodbye to unnecessary words like “Cologne” when it comes to a man finding his scent. 

Much like ​​Scotch, which is whisky made in Scotland, “Cologne” is a perfume originating from Cologne, Germany. Instead of being known for this locale designation, “Cologne” and “Perfume” have become used to identify fragrances for men versus women. Not only is this gendered language inaccurate, but it also puts unnecessary boundaries on you possibly discovering your perfect scent.

So let’s agree: men and women wear perfume. Perfume is not a feminine word, just like Cologne is not a masculine word.

Step Two: Industry Disruption

Take control of your scent and your Scent Space.

Our collection of intentionally-designed, elemental scents allows you to intuitively find your favorite fragrance. And for the first time ever—thanks to our coined term of Scent Space—you can now find this fragrance in your ideal strength. Control how far your fragrance projects and how it interacts with those around you.

From tame to beastmode, our 3 Scent Space classifications are Personal, Expressive and Bold

  • Looking for a fragrance that’ll ensure you smell good, always? Check out our Personal Collection. Scents that will only be noticed by you and the ones you allow close, these will give you a quick boost of confidence so you don’t have to think twice about how you smell. 

  • Need a scent for a day at the office? Check out our Expressive Collection. Scents that will be observed by you and those around you. These balance charm and compliments without overwhelming any space.

  • Want an even bigger statement for a night out? Don’t shy away from Bold: scents that will dominate the room and exude power. Choose this collection if you want a scent for everyone in the room.

  • And if you want to try samples of all three Scent Space collections, check out our Exploration Kit

Step Three: Eliminating Gender Labels

That’s right: our fragrances are unisex. You simply decide which scent you like or don’t like. 

Of course, there are more traditionally used notes in “masculine” fragrances: woods, heavy musks, smokes and spices. In contrast, fragrances that target feminine audiences often carry notes of gourmands, lighter skin musks, amber and florals.

Although specific scents may be seen as more masculine or feminine, how they blend together will determine the final impact. So keep in mind that just because a fragrance has sweet amber or vanilla doesn’t mean it won’t have the personality you’re looking for. 

If you’re gravitating toward these more masculine notes, here are some scents we recommend:

  • Looking for a milder scent? We recommend Book-
    • The lighter side of our cult classic conjures up a crisp, earthy essence. Black Tea and Cedarwood blend to create a suave aromatic.

  • Looking for a one-of-a-kind experience? Try Paper
    • Paper’s main ingredient of ISO E Super, a musky amber, reacts with your skin chemistry for a unique yet casual scent experience. Fresh and oaky, you’ll observe Sandalwood that leads to a cool Cedarwood.

  • Looking to turn heads? Explore Moss+
    • Perfect for the rugged outdoorsman, Moss+ evokes lush greens balanced with berries and musk. Dewy Oakmoss, spicy Bergamot and the bitter Juniper Berry will transport you to your favorite trail.

  • Looking to try something new? Give Velvet a try
    • Mysterious and sophisticated, Velvet’s woody Black Amber is infused with Roasted Almonds and Rose Petals. We promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this smoky, decadent treat.

  • Looking to try them all? We got you.
    • Our best-selling Scent Space Exploration Kit includes all 3 Scent Space Collections. We did tailor a scent and Scent Space just for you, so discover it now.

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